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Early December 2024 (TBD)

Wellspring Conference Center, Germantown, MD | Online via Zoom

Teacher: Stan Eisenstein

Reviews from Previous Retreat Participants


Reparenting is a powerful process for healing stored emotional and psychic tangles that keep us stuck and suffering in our lives.

As we go through life, especially in childhood but also into adulthood, we encounter messages and challenging events that do not get resolved. These unresolved issues stick in our subconscious experience like thorns. Until they are resolved, these psychic thorns affect our mood and our capacity to navigate life challenges. New situations that remind us of the old ones that are unresolved are taken to be threatening, and we find ourselves getting unskillfully reactive.

If we are to resolve some of these psychic thorns or tangles, we need to replay the old situations that brought them about – but in a new way, a way that resolves the situation. Our younger self needed someone to help us through the challenges. We needed a parent that could attune to our needs, understand the situation, and help us to navigate the difficulty. No external parent can do this all of the time. The one who is most capable of helping your younger self through challenges is the adult self you are now. You have lived through the experience of your younger self. You know intimately what your younger self was (and is) experiencing. And you have wisdom from life that can help you to discern what your younger self most needs to help them move through the challenges and come out the other side with a sense of well-being.


In the process of reparenting, we learn to use meditative imagery and body sensations to bring our wisest adult selves to our stored younger versions of ourselves. We learn to form a relationship with these younger versions. We learn to care for them, and they learn to trust us. Once a relationship is established, we learn how to guide our younger versions of ourselves through some of the challenging situations they encountered in a way that releases the psychic thorns or tangles. Each thorn that is removed brings a sense of relief or ease that has a direct through line to your current self.


This retreat will consist of talks about stages of reparenting and caveats for how to most safely work with the process, guided meditations, periods of unguided sitting and walking meditation, and group meetings with teachers.


Important Caveat: The practice of reparenting can be healing and powerful. However, it also has the capacity under certain circumstances to feel destabilizing, especially during periods of unguided practice. If you are currently working with a psychiatrist or psychotherapist, it is recommended that you consult with them regarding your readiness to engage in such an intensive practice. Furthermore, if you have difficulty identifying emotions or feeling them in your body, it would be best to first do some training in basic mindfulness by attending Stan’s summer MBSR course and/or the 5-day Labor Day weekend retreat on the Heart of Mindfulness. If you or your therapist has any questions or concerns about your suitability for participation in this retreat, contact Stan for a consultation. 

Please join us in person at the Wellspring Conference Center in Germantown, MD, or online via Zoom.

Wellspring is a rustic retreat center in a beautiful wooded area with basic rooms and shared bathrooms. Wellspring is not an ADA-accessible campus. Please contact Stan if you have any concerns about the accessibility of space and to discuss possibilities.

Wellspring strives to nurture guests by providing delicious, healthy food at each meal. The chef cooks with fresh, seasonal ingredients and all meals are lacto-ovo vegetarian. If you have special dietary needs (e.g., dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, allergies), please include this information when you register. 


Single room (limited availability): $750.00
Shared room: $600.00
Camping: $500.00
Online: $300.00

Please note that retreat fees only cover direct expenses for this event, such as room, meals, and administrative costs. In keeping with the Buddhist tradition, the teachers and retreat managers receive no payment. Donations offered by students at the end of the retreat are appreciated and support the teachers and retreat managers in continuing to make the teachings available to all. Dana offerings are tax-deductible.

Registration Coming Soon!
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I went into the retreat with little expectation, just knowing that Stan is a wonderful teacher. What unfolded felt life-changing. The second night I really wrestled with the topic and what came up for me but trusted the following day whatever Stan presented would shed light. The following day I had such a profound experience. It was beyond anything I could have hoped for. I'm so grateful to Stan for taking on this difficult topic and presenting it with clarity, compassion and humility.


I have no words at this moment to describe what I learned or how I benefited from attending this retreat other than to say I will carry the truths Stan so skillfully taught, the people I met, and the deep knowing found during our meditation periods with me for the rest of my life. I am profoundly changed, and grateful.


This retreat gave me the special opportunity to sit with and touch the embodiment of no-self. The practices presented worked in a systematic and congruous way that, both rationally and subconsciously, helped us to touch deep into our being and be with the emptiness and awareness that is our true nature.


This was a much needed respite from the craziness of the world around us. Stan is a wonderful guide, teaching with love and kindness how to be loving and kind to ourselves during difficult times. His practices gave me a sense of calm and clearing out, and being in community with others (even over Zoom) felt so supportive. Many thanks!


For the first time I saw how my meditation practice connects with my emotional life. We were encouraged to feel and process feelings not just notice our breath. My meditation practice will be changed forever.


Stan's presentations of the teachings are always excellent and this retreat was no different. I have worked with Stan in the past and this was a chance to deepen my awareness of habitual reactivity patterns that I would like to change. My experience with Stan keeps insights building on each other and for that I am so grateful.


A moving an insightful retreat--even over Zoom I felt connected to Stan and to the larger group. It helped me to feel "unstuck" in my life and feel into where my life choices could be in better alignment with what I really want/need.


Stan's guidance throughout the retreat was unparalleled in the variety of teachings he incorporated and balancing that with periods without guidance to let those teachings do their work. I truly appreciated the way the activities throughout the day flowed into one another and how even the breaks had the spirit of the retreat. I could sense that he was keenly aware of folks' responses to his guidance and would provide additional guidance when necessary. It didn't feel like we were simply going through a set of preplanned events and the retreat had a sense of aliveness to it that was beneficial for me finding clarity about what it means to allow every part of my experience to be as it is and trust that all is unfolding as it should.


After the retreat, I feel relieved to have moved through some difficult emotions and patterns that were stored in my body for years. I feel recharged to face the "real world" with a deeper inner sense of calm. I feel that my experiences were relevant and respected by Stan as our guide; he listened deeply, supported us through it, and offered suggestions for sitting with sadness and grief. Thank you Stan for kindness, wisdom, and truly seeing us for who we are. I feel stronger now than when the weekend began and you charged my personal growth. Namaste.


I began a much needed homecoming this weekend, and I imagine the benefits will continue as I integrate the teachings and experiences from the retreat. The container and rhythm created by the managers and teacher, the guidance through all stages of the retreat, the availability of the retreat managers and teacher, the felt sense of sincere welcoming and openness of the community, and the balance of guided and unguided meditations, all worked together to allow me to reconnect with my body. I was invited to resume healing old wounds in a trauma-informed and respectful way, and open to a sense of loving awareness holding it all.


I moved through a great deal of physical pain and discomfort, greeting and accepting them. I investigated my reactions to daily uncertainties in my work as a secondary teacher during the pandemic and felt a moment of the ease that accompanies the spontaneous freedom of accepting, rather than fighting against. All of this was possible with Stan's gentle and safe guidance. I was inspired by the great care he showed each of us and the prescient questions he challenged us with.


I didn't realize that a Zoom retreat could be so deep. The teachings, the time in practice, and the community were wonderful.


In the relatively short span of the retreat, and with the expert guidance of the teachers, I touched into some new ways of cultivating self kindness or metta. The practice described as "reparenting" which I admit I was somewhat skeptical of at first, was surprisingly powerful and I look forward to exploring it further. I really appreciated the interaction with the other participants in breakout rooms. The retreat was a well-balanced mix of sitting, walking, Dharma talks, and engaging with the teachers and participants.


Stan has such an intuitive and healing presence. His meditations took me to a vulnerable and tender place, and I'm grateful for that experience. A wise guide indeed!


The teachers' and managers' welcomes created a space where I could welcome more and more of myself throughout the weekend. I was surprised by what I came to be aware of during the retreat. I was allowed my original intentions, and then by letting them go and surrendering to the process, came to see and accept both my deep struggles and deep aspirations, all with kind acceptance and with an eye toward the ever-emerging nature of being. I felt comfortable asking questions because the teachers didn't analyze participants. A heartfelt thank you for this offering.


This retreat gave me the space to safely connect and feel into the energetic reality of my body. I really enjoyed exploring my aspirations, not only for now and the year ahead, but also to recall aspirations that have guided me throughout my life. This was very enlightening. I was able to notice deep beliefs that that I had never considered before. The insights, wise and gentle guidance and community will stay with me for a long time.


Stan is without a doubt one of the best teachers for helping embody lessons. I felt connected to the lessons of the Noble Truths. In the end I was left with wanting to live with loving kindness and equanimity. What could be better?


As a practitioner and teacher of Vipassana mindfulness this retreat was expansive and transformative for me. Enjoyed Stan’s version of RAIN which was a different journey that resonated with me. Also enjoyed the Spiritual Heart Meditation, timing was perfect. The hybrid format was a wonderful opportunity for me because driving the distance wasn’t possible at this time and also the cost was considerably lower. Even though I missed the in-person energy I felt that there was an online sangha. I very much enjoyed that ability to hear from the in-person participants there comments during the integration portion of the retreat. Overall perfect timing and wonderful way to stay connected with other mindfulness meditators.


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