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Telesangha offers you a teacher-led meditation for 30 minutes every weekday. Telesangha was created with the intention to help you deepen your meditation practice with the help of a community.

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Science has shown that the major benefits of meditation come with some form of a regular practice. To support you in developing consistency, we call you each weekday, at the time you have chosen for your practice. All you need to do is answer the phone call. (Currently, we are only able to call phone numbers within the US and Canada. International participants can connect over the internet or by calling a local access number.)

The meditation teachings are secular, evidence-based, and for atheists, agnostics, and people of all faiths. Through Telesangha, I teach basic and advanced meditation skills and practices, answer your questions, and help develop a sense of community among participants. 

I guide at 7:30 am Eastern Time each weekday morning. Other teachers guide at 6:30 am, 9:00 am, 9:30 am, and 11:00 am, all Eastern Time. If you are unable to attend your own group on a particular day, you have the flexibility to drop in to a session at another time.


Monthly sessions start on the first Monday of each month. When you sign up, you will get a free trial week. After that, there is a monthly fee of $15 plus added donation to the teacher. To make this service accessible to people at all income levels, we offer a range of options for donations. You choose the amount of your donation, and you may change it or cancel at any time.

$15 per month


This a financial aid tier that covers basic costs for administration with no donation (approximately $.68 per session).

$30 per month


This tier covers administration costs ($15) plus a $15 donation (approximately $1.36 per session).

$50 per month


This tier covers administration costs ($15) plus a $35 donation (approximately $2.27 per session).

$80 per month


This tier covers administration costs ($15) plus a $65 donation (approximately $3.63 per session).


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7:30 am Eastern Time

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6:30 am Eastern Time


9:00 am Eastern Time


9:30 am Eastern Time


11:00 am Eastern Time


I have been doing Telesangha with Stan for many years. I was new to meditation and suffering from anxiety for the first time in my life. Telesangha was the answer I needed! It was an easy way to incorporate meditation into my life. It now has because part of my daily routine. Telesangha sets the tone for my day. Stan imparts his wisdom and the collective experience is a valuable part of my life.


I am so grateful to be part of Telesangha with Stan! I have been part of it for a few months now and I cannot recommend it enough. I truly appreciate his care, expertise and intuition. I feel part of a true community. It is wonderful to meditate with a group of like minded people led by someone as special as Stan.


When I joined Stan’s morning Telesangha I was looking for structure and accountability. A way of creating a condition that would ensure I sat in formal mindfulness sitting practice daily. I believed that a regular daily practice would give my spiritual path a strong foundation and help bring about well-being in my life.


Telesangha gifted me with consistency, structure, a community of good, smart people and an ongoing relationship with an excellent teacher. In the service of healing and understanding this imperfect and impermanent life Stan guides us each weekday to look deeply into our heart and mind. Practice is filled with care, curiosity, clarity and loving kindness.


A good teacher is important and Stan is certainly a very good teacher. A good community is also important and the members of Telesangha (sangha, a Pali and Sanskript word meaning community) joining over the phone, in morning practice, is a main ingredient to the success of my practice.


I have learned much from participating; both from Stan and the group.


Thich Nhat Hahn explains it with a metaphor. Your desire to learn and grow are like seeds. Your sangha, including your teacher, is the soil. No matter how vigorous the seed is, if the soil does not provide nourishment, your seed will die. A good, stable, nourishing sangha is crucial for the growth of mindfulness practice.


Telesangha has been an amazing gift in my life for almost four years now, and I am so grateful to be part of this group. It's enabled me to have a daily meditation practice and experience all of the benefits that brings. But more than that, it's given me a community that I meditate with every morning, that I get to know through our weekly discussions, that is made up of people who provide each other with care and lovingkindness. Stan is a tremendous and deeply kind guide who encourages self-compassion, helps us build our capacity for mindfulness, and holds space when we speak about our growth and development and our struggles. Having Stan greet me personally and guide meditation each morning fills me with a sense of connection and centers me at the start of the day. I could not recommend Telesangha more highly.


Stan's Telesangha practice is the highlight of my day. Through daily structured meditation practice and a variety of guided meditations--such as lovingkindness, embodiment and cultivating mindfulness--our Telesangha Community is encouraged to live in the present moment without judgment and find an inner calm in the the midst of our ever changing, sometimes difficult lives. No matter how bad I feel or how much physical pain I am experiencing, I always leave feeling uplifted, hopeful and strengthened by the practice. The group enables me to experience and receive the loving and supportive energy of the members, and Stan has a unique gift of making everyone in the group feel welcome and important. He is a kind and compassionate leader and he has a genuine interest in the healing and growth of each individual in the group. I love this Telesangha and the group members and I am so very thankful for all the ways I have been supported in my healing work and in cultivating mindfulness and lovingkindness in my daily life.


I found Stan's Telesangha group when I was literally at a near crisis point in my life. The anxiety that I was experiencing related to my pending divorce was overwhelming and every day seemed a step nearer to imploding. I'd been raised a Christian but it seemed like I needed more tools than I'd had available to me at that point. I was very curious about meditation and put my last bits of energy into finding a group that would work for me. Stan's group filled that need! His calming voice and presence, his sense of humor and the perpetual relevance of the teachings he presented and that we explored as a group, helped me find more stable ground. I began to let go of things that were causing unnecessary stress in my life and with that my sense of inner peace and self acceptance began to grow. I still have many stresses in my life, but I'm much more grounded and in an emotional place that allows me to respond in a much healthier way to those stressors. I would not have come this far if it weren't for Stan's Telesangha and mindfulness meditation.


During this season of separation and isolation caused by COVID joining Stan’s Telesangha has been a true blessing. Having practiced meditation for many years alone, I was immediately aware of how powerful it is to spend time with a group of like-minded people and how absolutely wonderful it is to start each day with a sense of community and belonging.


Stan, with his many years of practice, has developed a wise and intuitive knowing that allows him to choose meditations and practices that meet each member of our sangha just where we are. My practice has deepened 10-fold. For this I am grateful.


I have been so very fortunate and grateful to have my phone ring M-F at 7:30 AM and be gently and skillfully guided by a most gifted meditation teacher--Stan. I have been with Teleshanga for over 3 years doing guided and unguided mindful meditation sessions but it is clear as day that the ones which Stan leads are by far my favorite. His calm voice, and deep understanding of the meditation process comes not only from his training and years as a teacher but from a place of personal knowing and self journeying. His genuine authenticity and compassion are omnipresent. Stan has created a loving community of folks on our Teleshanga group which truly embrace the meaning of Sangha which has been much appreciated during this challenging past year. So if you are looking to develop a more consistent meditation practice, come join us and let Stan help guide your way--a master teacher.


I started meditating on my own several years ago and I became interested in joining a meditation group. I had trouble finding a group locally to join and decided to join Telesangha. It was a great decision because I immediately felt very welcome and supported. Stan has been a wonderful teacher. He is a knowledgeable and kind teacher whose guidance has been invaluable. Stan not only offers wisdom he also is able to connect with the students with empathy and compassion and asks for feedback from them. I highly recommend Stan as a meditation teacher.


It seemed an odd thing to me at first, this phone meditation thing. Over time I have found that quite apart from being a great, grounding way to start the day (even when I really want to run off and do stuff), it is it's own little community, and that in itself is helpful for me. And of course Stan is an excellent teacher--honest & gentle.


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