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I offer private mentoring in mindfulness, meditation, and working through present and past difficulties.

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I mentor people privately, mostly over the phone or video conference. Using mindfulness, meditation, self-kindness, RAIN, and related techniques, I have been working with individuals to help them learn how to work through reactions to current or past stressors and difficulties. Many people find significant benefit in a single session.
My rate is $150 per hour, and a sliding scale is available. I offer a free first-time half-hour consultation.

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When the mind tries to overrule the body...the body reacts. Listen to the body and the body will say when it’s ready.

Because of Stan’s gentle, non-judging, skillful abilities to witness and guide...for the first time I felt supported enough to go through a PTSD episode with him there. In fact he was the first to recognize my PTSD. It was such a relief to have someone see it, stay with me through it and then help me find within myself the resources to recover from it. And then little by little the underlining trauma revealed itself....

This is how I describe our work together. It is my session. I decide what we look at. I choose how we might get a little closer to whatever disturbs me or more importantly whatever rises up in meditation or reflection during the time between sessions. Stan offers suggestions, reminders and reflections. It’s my journey. Stan acts as my "guardrails" and a wise overseer. He reminds me of how far I have journeyed and how difficult the work has been.

Stan reminds me that it isn’t a straight path in fact he describes it as a puzzle where we wait for pieces in different parts to reveal themselves and then we glean understanding. He helped me develop the compassionate inner resources which are available to me even in the darkest, most traumatic memories. Stan reminds me that I am strong and dedicated. I am an open hearted warrior.


Stan has been my meditation teacher for approximately seven years and mentor for two. As my teacher, he has provided guidance and resources that have enriched my spiritual exploration(s). As a mentor, he has worked alongside to help me navigate my sometimes challenging inner journey. Stan, with his intuitive, kind, and gentle approach, has been a trusted ally who has helped me find my inner resources in the midst of living this life.


Stan providing online mentoring was more than a lucky break as there are no local teachers in my area. Despite the online setting, Stan‘s friendly and compassionate attitude crosses the digital divide and lets you feel right at home with the teachings.

Cherishing independence and self-reliance, I hesitated to seek help from a teacher. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Stan encouraged me to challenge my stale meditation techniques, try out new ways of meditating and trust my inner wisdom to guide my practice. Stan‘s skillful questions let me drop down from my head into my body and allow sensations to play out rather than suppressing them. Stan's teaching style encourages freedom and self-guidance.

Since Stan started mentoring me, many of the metaphors that I read in Buddhist books came to life in my practice. This reinvigorated trust in my practice which changed my life.


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